Siemens hearing aids history

1878 Telephone receiver with substantially improved transmission quality
People with hearing impairments were able to understand a conversation better over this telephone developed by Werner von Siemens.

1902 Electric hearing testers
Siemens (or rather the predecessing company called Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall) makes audiometry electric.

1911 First steps in the development of electrical hearing aids
Louis Weber (Siemens&Halske) starts the development of the first device for hearing impaired.

1913 Esha-Phonophor
Siemens begins the first serial production of hearing instruments.

1951 Phonophor Alpha
Siemens presents the first pocket-size hearing instrument.

1959 Auriculette 326
Siemens launches its first Behind-The-Ear hearing instrumen

1966 Siretta 339
Siemens presents the first In-The-Ear hearing instrument.

1987 Telos
Siemens launches first remote control in the world of hearing technology.

1997 Prisma
Siemens introduces the first digital hearing instrument featuring two microphones.

2002 Triano
Siemens launches the first hearing instrument with three microphones.

2004 Acuris™
Siemens introduces the first hearing instrument featuring a wireless system, e2e wireless™.

2005 iScan™
Siemens presents the world’s first in-office digital earmold impression scanner.

2006 Centra
Siemens launches its first trainable hearing instrument.

2008 Siemens Tek™
Siemens introduces a revolutionary wireless enhancement system enabling access to all favorite audio devices.

2010 BestSound™ Technology
Siemens improves the sound of hearing devices to a previously undreamed-of quality level.

2011 Aquaris™
Siemens introduces the world’s first waterproof digital hearing aid.

2012 micon™ Chip Technology
Siemens presents its new chip technology with 48 channels – a world record!

2013 Nitro micon™
Siemens offers a new power hearing aid for people with profound hearing loss.